About PNBC Core

Our mission: To help our members work, play, and live their lives to the fullest by improving spinal strength and mobility, preventing injury, eliminating pain, and reducing the need for spine-related medical care. We are committed to helping patients manage their spinal condition on their own without the need for ongoing medical care. Once patients have built spinal fitness through our rehabilitation program, PNBC CORE provides each patient with a program designed to maintain their strength. 

Even though a home program allows patients to maintain spinal fitness, many patients want convenient access to state-of-the-art equipment as well as knowledgeable personnel to develop their exercise program. This program is available only for patients who have completed the PNBC rehab program and their spouse or domestic partner.

CORE equipment is designed to isolate and strengthen these major muscle groups:

  • lumbar spine
  • cervical spine
  • abdomen
  • upper back
  • arms and shoulders
  • thighs and buttocks
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